Understanding Online Conversion

You get:

  • Audio CD

  • Enhanced PDF transcript

  • Web Metrics calculator (i.e. customizable spreadsheet)

    This audio tutorial plus accompanying PDF transcript walks you step-by-step through the Web Metrics spreadsheet included in your How-To Kit.

    You don't need advanced Excel skills to take advantage of this hands-on demonstration of the numbers behind online conversion.

    In addition, you get specific feedback from Web metrics expert Jim Sterne on what to measure on your site - and how best to do it.

    A well-known consultant and speaker, Sterne is the author of the highly-regarded handbook: Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success

    Note: no Math or spreadsheet skills required. You just need to be able to open an Excel file on your computer. For Windows users, only.

- emetrics expert, author & consultant Jim Sterne
- e-book author & software trainer Richard Kraneis
- moderator: Debbie Weil, publisher of award-winning WordBiz Report

WHAT: With step-by-step guidance from Richard Kraneis, you will understand what's behind the Web Metrics Calculator that analyzes conversion to sales.

Jim Sterne, author of Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success, talks about the most important concepts in Web analytics - and how you can apply them to your company, no matter how big or small.

The World's Shortest Excel Book

Want to purchase Richard Kraneis's 26-page e-book? It's a delight. Clearly written and easy to follow, it gives you a dozen shortcuts you can use immediately to better understand and work with Excel.

CLICK HERE to learn more and download instantly.

REQUIREMENTS: Tutorial assumes beginner-level knowledge of Excel. You do NOT need to be an Excel wiz to benefit from this event ! You do NOT need advanced math skills!


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Step-by-step learn the key metrics and calculations behind online conversion

This how-to kit explains exactly what online conversion is, why it's so important and how you can measure it.

Small changes in the copy or headlines on your site can result in significantly increased sales and profits... Learn how to measure these changes and chart the improvement to your bottom line.

This audio tutorial is especially designed for marketing managers or small business owners who are more comfortable with "the creative" (copywriting & content) than with manipulating numbers in a spreadsheet.

To get the most out of this how-to kit, all you need to know is how to open an Excel document on your computer.

You may be experimenting with driving more traffic to a Web page with Google AdWords or another pay-per-click program.

Is your online campaign working? Find out! Learn how you can measure what counts: conversion from visitor to sale (in other words, the purchase rate).

Step-by-step, e-book author & professional Microsoft Office trainer Richard Kraneis will walk you through a sample "Web Metrics" spreadsheet.

No math or Excel ability required! You just need to be able to open an Excel spreadsheet on your computer. Richard will do all the work and explain everything in non-math language.

He will demonstrate why online conversion is the key to a successful Web-based business, using sales of his e-book as an example.

He'll show you exactly what the formulas are behind the spreadsheet - and how even tiny changes in the conversion-to-sales ratio can result in significantly higher profits.

You will learn that you can quantify how small changes in the copy on your sales page yield big results!

Once you understand the concepts behind "conversion-to-sales," you will begin to see ways of applying them to your own business.

In one hour you will learn how to read and understand a spreadsheet that helps you optimize profits from your e-newsletter, an e-book or any product you're selling by driving traffic to a Web page.

What you will learn from Web metrics expert Jim Sterne

1. Your numbers may be great and they may be discouraging, but the important thing is that you track how they change. Are you improving or not?

2. There are many things that can affect conversion. Don't change too many things at once or you won't know what it was that had the impact.

3. Conversion isn't the end of the line - profits are. You have another calculation to make: net income.

4. Don't get bogged down by the reports a Web analytics tool pumps out. Start with a question and then go to the reports for the answer.

5. Your mileage *will* vary.

Do you have a question about online conversion?

Submit your single most important question about online conversion OR about using spreadsheets below.

What is your single most important question about online conversion or about using a spreadsheet to calculate it? Just type your question into the box below and click Tell me now!

 You will learn what's behind the Web Metrics spreadsheet below and how to "read" it!

If you're like most Excel users, you're barely scratching the surface of what this program can do for you. Maybe you feel intimidated because you don't regularly use spreadsheets. Don't be!

This hands-on audio tutorial (yes, you'll have a chance to ask questions) will show you exactly what's behind a spreadsheet model. In other words, a spreadsheet that helps you forecast different revenue scenarios.

You can probably guess that the numbers below in "red" are negatives. But can you figure out what the formulas are and why the dollar figure in the lower right-hand cell is so much higher?

Richard will explain it step-by-step in this teleseminar. I guarantee you'll have that "bingo" moment when you understand. Hey, you may even become a spreadsheet junkie!

Snap shot of practice Web Metrics spreadsheet

More about Web metrics expert Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne produced the world's first Marketing on the Internet seminar series in 1994. Today, Sterne is an internationally known speaker on electronic marketing and customer interaction and a consultant to Fortune 500 companies and Internet entrepreneurs.

Sterne focuses his 20 years in sales and marketing on measuring the value of a Web site as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships.

He has written five books:

- World Wide Web Marketing, 3rd Edition
- Customer Service on the Internet, 2nd Edition
- What Makes People Click: Advertising on the Internet
- E-Mail Marketing
- Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success

More about Jim at

Find out about his Emetrics Summit

More about software trainer Richard Kraneis

Richard has been a software training consultant for over 12 years helping people use MS Office at both novice and advanced levels to optimize business practices.

His company, TechSpectrum, is based in Chicago, IL. He works with both corporations and individuals. He is the author of The World's Shortest Excel Book. Click here to learn more and purchase now (only US $17).

Understanding Online Conversion How-To Kit
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